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Planning the Perfect Wedding Sand Ceremony: What you Will Need


The wedding sand ceremony is a simple yet very powerful depiction of unity between two people and their families. The bride and groom take different colored sand and pour it into a clear vessel in turns to signify their coming together as one. In some cases, the couple's children and parents can join in with differently colored sand in a bid to signify family harmony. But, in order to pull off the perfect wedding sand ceremony, you will require a few necessities. They include;


Colored sand


You must have different sand colors for every participant. Meaning that, if the parents and children are participating, you need more than two wedding sand colors. Also, the amount of sand to be used by each participant should be determined by the size of vase you intend to fill. However, a pound of sand per participant is always a sure bet.


Pouring tubes of vases


Unity sand for weddings is rarely sold with pouring tubes. These are necessities that you must source separately to ensure order and a clean pour into the main vase. You will need as many pouring tubes as the number of participants or different soil colors. Ensure that the tubes have a narrow opening for an easy and clean sand transfer.


A clear vase or jar


A clear and big vase or jar where the colored sand at sandsationalsparkle.com will be poured is a must have. Though clear, it should represent your style or match with your home's d?cor so that you are comfortable displaying it in your home after the wedding sand ceremony. Moreover, it should be big enough to hold the available sand.


Cotton balls and clear tape


Most wedding sand jars do not have covers. Therefore, you need to think about how you will transport your jar to your home without pouring the sand. Hence, the need to invest in cotton balls and clear tapes. Use the cotton balls to fill the space and secure them with the clear tape. In some cases, bubble wraps may be used to protect the glass jar when traveling for long distances.  Check out http://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/02/living/11-things-weddings-taught-me-matrimony/ to gain more info about weddings.




Wedding sand ceremonies are quickly replacing unity candle ceremonies among outdoor weddings. Sand ceremonies create lasting and sentimental memories that can be made more special by using a personalized vase with your names monogrammed on it. You could also use sand from beaches near where you grew up or from memorable holiday destinations.