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Planning the Perfect Wedding Sand Ceremony


Unity sand has become more popular as couples discover the many types of designs and palettes they can choose from. At the moment, you can make the ceremony unique to the couple. The sand ceremony symbolizes the permanence of the relationship and that you can carry as a reminder of the union. The ceremony includes filling vessels with colored sands and combining them into one during the service. You can keep this as something tangible after the wedding throughout the marriage. The bride and the groom will each choose a color of unity sand in advance. When the opportune time comes, they will each pour a portion of the sand into the vase of their choosing at sandsationalsparkle.com.


You are free to involve other people in the ceremony including children. The colors you can choose are in many colors and according to your preference. It is important that you take time to choose the colors carefully because you will keep the memento for a long time. The flowing of sands that blend symbolizes the bringing together or two people into one. The two types of unity sand for weddings are in such a way that they combine the past and future that is bright. Once the two types have been put into one vase they can never be put into different ones meaning that the couple is forever intertwined.


You will find there are some ceremonies where the couple will have some small amount in each of their vases to symbolize that even though they are one, they still get to maintain their individualities. You should find out how the ceremony works then incorporate it to yours. It is important to note that the sand ceremonies are based on simplicity. Of course you want the ritual to be as beautiful as possible and this is why there should be some careful consideration. To understand more about weddings, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/victoria-yore/how-to-become-a-wedding-p_b_12591552.html.


The most important thing is to pay close attention to the color palette of the sands. If you have too many bright colors, you are going to disrupt the harmony in the jar. It is advisable that you do not use pastel shades because you will end up with photos that do not show any real differences between the layers of sand. The final layer that you are going to have will involve mixing the sand together and this is why it is not advisable to use black sand for either partner. Consider all the combinations and explore your options especially if you have any aesthetic concerns.